Crime Beat Chronicles podcast: Nebraska’s “Creighton Killer” chapter 6 – “The Trial”

With Late Edition: Crime Beat Chronicles we’re presenting notable true crime stories, as reported by journalists for the dozens of various Lee-Enterprises owned publications from around America.

For this collection of episodes, we’re focusing on Omaha, Nebraska where journalists from the Omaha World-Herald will tell the tale of two sets of brutal double murders that took place five years apart and shocked the otherwise quiet neighborhoods where they occurred.

Eventually investigators found themselves on the trail of an unlikely suspect, whose arrest was followed by a bizarre and high-profile trial.

Episode six was written by Omaha World-Herald staff writer Henry Cordes based on his reporting alongside fellow World-Herald journalist Todd Cooper, and it was read for us by the World-Herald’s Digital Director, Z Long.

The show was produced, and edited by Chris Lay, with tremendous thanks to Henry Cordes, Todd Cooper, Z Long and the rest of the team at the Omaha World-Herald for the work they put in covering, researching, and recording the story.

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