The Kitchn: This Boston cream pie is so good I’ve made it 5 weeks in a row

I’m not much of a cake person, but there are a few types that I’ll happily have seconds of, including fudgy-rich chocolate cake, muffins (which are basically cupcakes), and Boston cream pie. The latter is a classic dessert consisting of three components: a fluffy sponge cake for its base, pastry cream for the filling, and a shiny coat of chocolate ganache on top. The final result is a simple yet stunning dessert that is rich, moist, and all together not too sweet.

Environmental Nutrition: Build a better breakfast

Breakfast may be the least popular meal of the day. Hunger, time, motivation — whatever it is, there is plenty of research that suggests breaking the nightly fast is healthier than skipping it altogether. Still, it can be a challenge! And, let’s face it, American breakfast foods are generally not ideal. We favor foods like processed meats (bacon, sausage), pastries, and high sugar cereals. Though we also welcome better choices, such as fruits, whole grain breads and cereals, the American breakfast is very limited. If you’re ready to improve the quality of your a.m. repast, we’ve got you covered with tools and tips to help you build a better breakfast.

Seriously Simple: Coffee and zucchini add clever twist to brownies

The other day I was speaking with my dear friend and colleague Cynthia Graubart, whose latest cookbook is titled“ Zucchini Love.” We were talking about how there is an overabundance of summer squash in home gardens and farmers markets this time of year. And, of course, how adaptable zucchini is both in savory and sweet recipes. There are so many possibilities: think...

Environmental Nutrition: Why do we use BMI?

There’s a lot of attention surrounding BMI (body mass index) and what has become a controversial debate of whether it should be tossed out as a health measurement. BMI is used as a guide for assessing body weight as a risk factor for health. Basically, weight and height are plugged into the BMI formula to categorize a person as underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. The argument against BMI is it measures weight, not fat, which makes it inaccurate, misleading, and it contributes to body shaming. To counter, it can also be a valuable component for health as a screening measurement with years of research and its resulting data surrounding it.

Seriously Simple: Celebrate Jewish New Year with plum-flan cake

As the Jewish holidays approach, I try to add a new dish to present on my holiday table. This year I decided to develop a recipe that includes plums and would be a welcome end-of-meal sweet for Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. It also would be a beautiful finale to any autumnal meal you might make.

The Kitchn: You should really be frying your eggs in chili crisp

I never expected that chili crisp would become a part of my personality. A few years ago, I fell in love with this captivating condiment so hard that I even wrote a cookbook about chili crisp, which is basically a love letter to this spicy condiment. After I made chili crisp fried eggs for the first time, my life changed for good.

Environmental Nutrition: With the tap of a button, can you improve how you eat?

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. This is why more people are looking for an assist in the form of food tracking applications (apps) that have ballooned with the ubiquitousness of smartphones. One of the most popular features of nutrition-focused digital apps is the ability to record the food you eat and quickly view nutritional information. Dietary guidance, sharing of recipes, and more may also be just a few taps away. Other lifestyle habits, like physical activity and sleep may also be tracked to help with health and weight loss goals.